My name is Laila Utsi-Nägga, I and my family welcome you to stay in Ritsem. When you live with us, you experience the area a bit closer.


We have three cabins with four beds, and one cabin with six beds. Parking is available by the road. You live close to nature without electricity. We supply with firewood and gas. There is a sauna and an outhouse right outside.


Self-catering, bring your own bed linen and towel or rent from the resort. During certain occasions we also sell fish (roast, trout and whitefish) and Gáhkku (Sami freshly baked bread). You are also welcome to bring your dog. If you want to get online and make a call, you do it via Telia's network.



Call or e-mail us when you want to know if our cabins are available. We will respond as soon as possible,

E-mail: lailautsi@gmail.com Phone +4670-244 51 28

The resort is open from March 15th - October 1th.


From Ritsem you have a breathtaking view of the Áhkká massif. The location is one of the best starting points for hikes and skis in Sarek, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfall National Parks. In Ritsem, approximately two kilometers away, there is a mini market with possibility of renting a bicycle, take shower in the service building and some other facilities. You can visit Ritsem's chapel, fly helicopter, fishing, hunt or just relax near our cabins.


Sami culture

Ritsem is also a stay for the Sami people since long time. Nowadays most people who have their part-time living here belong to "Unna Tjerusj Sami association". During the year reindeer grooming is being conducted in the area, if you want to experience it, it is important to show the animals and the workers consideration. If you would like to know more just ask us.

Day Trip

About fifty kilometers before Ritsem along the road, "Stora Sjöfallet" is worth a visit, stretch your legs and visit "Naturum Laponia" as well.


A nice Day Trip is to take the boat M/S Storlule over the river Áhkkajaure and hike about seven kilometers between Änonjalme and Vaisaluokta, this area belongs to the "Sirge's Sami association". Take a look at the chapel in Vaisaluokta and take the boat back to Ritsem in the evening. Ask the STF-staff in Ritsem about the most appropriate route.

Good to know



Ritsem is located in Gällivare municipality but has a natural connection to Jokkmokk together with the nature reserves and national parks.


Boat schedule M/S Storlule

M/S Storlule travel between Änonjalme, Vaisaluokta and Ritsem.



Offers helicopter sightseeing, trips to Staloluokta or custom made tours.


Gällivare Tourist Center and Destination Jokkmokk

Tourist offices with current information about the locations. Please visit for more information.


World Heritage Laponia

Read about Naturrum Laponia, World Heritage Laponia, Sami and the National Parks.


Ritsem stugor

Vi har tre stycken stugor med fyra bäddar i varje och en med plats för sex personer.

Kontakta oss


Ritsem, 982 99 Gällivare





+4670-244 51 28



Vi tar emot kontant betalning, Swish och de vanligaste betalkorten.

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